The 5 Ways To Hit Winning Drop Volleys

how to hit drop volleys

Using drop volleys to finish points is a great tool that you should be using consistently in your matches and here’s why…

Too often we set up the point perfectly, get a short ball and then attack the net, only to push our volley deep and straight back to our opponent.

But why?

Because , this usually ends up in them getting an easy passing shot, or sending a lob over our heads.

One of the main reasons that this happens is that we aren’t making our opponents move to the ball.

Instead, we are allowing them to stay in their comfort zones on the baseline by volleying right back to them.

Winning Drop Volleys Strategy

It’s no secret in tennis that the shots become more difficult when you are forced to run and hit. We should be trying to create as much pressure as possible on our opponents, especially when we come to the net.

When using the drop volley you will also be changing the dynamics of any rally you are in by lowering the level.

Let me explain, when you use the drop volley properly you will lower the level of the height of the rally. This means that you will force your opponent to hit up on the ball.

This is a benefit to you in many, many ways. First, it’s going to be a difficult shot for you opponent to go down and get as they are running forward.

Secondly and even more of an advantage, if they are forced to hit up on the ball, then they are going to have to lift it over the net which gives them a very small margin of error.

If they don’t hit a perfect shot, then you will benefit from a high ball at the net that you know is coming and that you should absolutely be ready to attack.

It’s a gamechanger, but in the spirit of full-disclosure, it’s also important to remember to be aware of lobs and short angles as well. Your opponent is going to be marginally unpredictable because they are in an uncomfortable position, but lobs and short angles both are going to need to come “up” from the low level you have forced them into, so be ready!

In this video you will learn how to hit your drop volleys effectively by hitting the ball short and using the entire court to create pressure and hopefully fatigue in your opponent by making them run more often!

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