Master The Plank: The Best Ab Tennis Workout To Build A Stronger Tennis Serve

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The Best Ab Tennis Workout

When it comes to building a stronger core and one that is optimized for a tennis player, not all ab exercises or core exercises are the same.

Some ab workouts and tennis exercises designed specifically for tennis players can help you more than others and you should be keenly aware of developing the most efficient ab tennis workouts and core exercises to make the most of your time.

One of the most effective benchmarks when it comes to building a stronger core for tennis is the well-known plank exercise.

If you look through any magazine from GQ to Men’s Health you will find yourself looking at a wide variation of plank options that you can use.

I know, I know…

The plank looks boring and even easy to some of you, almost as if you are only holding a pushup position and it doesn’t feel like you’re building a solid core with an ab exercise that will make your serve pop with power.

The truth though is starkly different from that viewpoint. The plank should only be easy if you are doing it incorrectly and “cheating” the process.

I know this firsthand because I complained about how easy planks were and boasted about how long I could hold a plank to my trainer when I first learned about planking…

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Ab Tennis Workout: Enter The Broomstick

Well, needless to say that didn’t last very long. He quickly showed me I was one of the “cheaters” and then brought out a broomstick!

“A broomstick?” I said, “What the hell is that for?”

He told me to get back in the plank position and that he was going to lay the broomstick along my spine. If my head, my upper back, and my butt didn’t all make contact with the broomstick then I wasn’t performing the plank properly.

Well, I don’t feel like telling you all of the embarrassing details but to make a long story short I could barely hold the damn plank for 30 seconds before falling back to earth.

I got the point, and so should you. The plank is not only a great benchmark for judging where you’re currently at with your core strength, but it is also a great basic building block for your core as well.

So, I guess the point is, DO NOT give up on the plank, it is a great ab workout for tennis players and you can use it to gauge your current level and then build into more advanced iterations of the plank as you get stronger.

The stronger your core becomes the more horsepower you will be able to get behind your serves and your groundstrokes…

This will help you gain power and stability on your shots and will go a long ways toward improving your entire game and your entire repertoire of shots.

Do the plank for 30-45-or 60 second intervals in a mirror if you can to make sure that your alignment is proper. If you have to pull out the ol’ broomstick don’t be afraid to do that either.

The better your posture and alignment is the more you will benefit from the old boring plank and the faster your abs will develop.


Have Fun, Train Hard!


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