Babolat Pure Drive Lite Tennis Racquet Review

Babolat 2015 Pure Drive Lite

If you’re looking for the best tennis racquets, you surely need to consider the Babolat 2015 Pure Drive Lite.

Babolat has a history of coming out with cutting edge ideas that have changed the way tennis racquets are designed.

The Babolat 2015 Pure Drive Lite is a work of art, with sensors integrated in the handle, which record and transfer data to your smartphone through the Bluetooth. It is a great feature for anyone that wants to track their progress.

We tried the Babolat Pure Drive Lite racquet and were impressed by how well the Cortex Active Technology (C.A.T) allowed us to improve our game.

The technology is linked with the frame and handle, and has a Cortex Damping System, which filters out all vibrations, and saves sensations to provide you with detailed feedback.

The racquet has been manufactured with Woofer technology, which has improved the sweetspot, allowing for maximum impact from the racquet upon connection. The Graphite Tungsten material has also strengthened the frame, which has improved both power and stability of the racquet.

The best thing we found about the Pure Drive Lite was that it is suitable for players of different ability levels and ages. The racquet has a nice mixture of control and power, which is perfect for baseline players who like powering shots, and peppering the court from the back.

The racquet feels quite stiff, which isn’t ideal for spin doctors or net rushers. However, it is great for grinders, since the sweet spot is massive, and the rigid frame allows them to generate awesome power from the baseline.

Babolat 2015 Pure Drive Lite Playability

The Pure Drive Lite racquet is easy to handle and swings very easily, ensuring greater swing and the ability to play difficult shots from anywhere on the court. We did however; notice that players that are used to having a racquet with a larger stringbed will notice that the sweet spot has been doctored for beginners to allow them to perfect their strokes.

Intermediate players would generally struggle to make contact accurately with the ball, but if you do manage to hit the sweet spot, you’ll be rewarded with an outright winner!

This racquet is definitely suitable for players that are still trying to hone their strokes and are trying to perfect their baseline power hitting ability.

The more time you spend playing with the racquet, the more comfortable you start feeling, as you start connecting regularly and hitting the sweet spot again and again!

The Babolat Pure Drive Lite racquet is perfect for players who want power but also a racquet that is mobile as well.

This Babolat racquet was a favorite of Agnieszka Radswanka, a polish female player, who used to love the exceptional spin creation, power, and rapid swing speed of the Pure Drive Lite.

The racquet has a solid feel, and is light weight and versatile, making it ideal for teenagers and adults, who are still developing their game.

There is no doubt about the fact that there are very few racquets better than the Babolat Pure Drive Lite in the market today.

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