Top Ten Best Tennis Elbow Training Aids

tennis strength training

Not many things can ruin your tennis game like a bad case of tennis elbow, anyone that has suffered from this irritation can tell you how disappointing it can be. We have suffered from it personally, and we have spoken to thousands of our members about their individual cases over the years. This is an…

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The 10 Best Tennis Racquets

the 10 best tennis racquets

So many great racquets are available today, with technology getting better by the literal second, how do we decide on what racquet to use? Well, first and foremost this is a personal decision that should be made with your preferences and your particular skill set in mind. Evaluate how you like to play the game,…

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The SKLZ PowerBase Tennis Trainer Review

sklz powerbase tennis trainer

The SKLZ PowerBase Tennis Trainer is an excellent solo trainer and is recommended for beginners, while it can also be used by experts as well. The best thing about the PowerBase, is that it is great for improving your ground strokes, and you can easily train at your home. There is no need to go…

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