Head Graphene Touch Speed Pro Tennis Racquet Review

Head Graphene Touch Speed Pro Tennis Racquet

We review a lot of racquets, and if there’s one thing we have learned, it’s that there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ racquet. Different racquets suit different types of players and what may be the perfect racquet for you may be the wrong racquet for someone else. The extreme series by Head, for…

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Prince Tour 98/100T ESP

After playing with this frame it was easier to imagine what it feels like to hit like Rafa. The 16×16 string pattern created such an easy

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Racket Review: Wilson 95S/100S

Wilson 6.1 95 Spin Tennis Racket

One of the best rackets out there for the all court player that has fully developed strokes. The Wilson ProStaff 95S has a 16×15 string pattern, which is going to give you the spin you’ve been looking for.

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