The Overview

Welcome To The Elite Tennis FREE Online Tennis Lesson Center

FREE Online Tennis Lessons is what we created this area for. In this area you will find the fundamental strokes that make up the game of tennis. We cover everything from how to hit groundstrokes to how to play at the net. Learn how to hit powerful forehands and backhands, understand what makes your volleys crisp and how to put away overheads the first time. Learn how to use dropshots  and how to approach the net. In this area you can dive right in at anytime by simply clicking on any of the links below. Every section will be accompanied by specific videos developed by Sean and Scott to help you understand how to develop proper strokes and technique. We always are always looking to add more valuable online tennis lesson content to our library of instruction, so keep visiting the Online Tennis Lesson Center for updates on techniques, drills, and strokes! Of course if you sign up for our email list, you will automatically get all of our content delivered straight to your email inbox automatically!

Why Give Away Such Great Tennis Instruction?

  • We were sick of people getting misled and confused by "tennis pros" pitching outdated tennis methods and strategies.
  • We figure that if you use these tennis lessons you will grow to trust us, and in return..
  • If you ever need help with your Tennis strokes or Tennis Strategies you will want to try out our Elite Tennis Training programs (which always comes with premium access and coaching consultations)
  • You will recommend us to your friends by sharing our link  
  • Word of mouth marketing is our #1 marketing strategy and is the biggest compliment we could receive!