Head Titanium Ti-S6 Tennis Racquet Review

Head Titanium Ti-S6 Tennis Racquet

Head Titanium Ti-S6 Tennis Racquet Review

The is regarded by many to be the best tennis racquet in the world, and according to sales it actually one of the top selling racquets of all time. The TI-S6 is hailed by old and new players alike, ever since it was launched by Head NV in 1996, and it is still growing strong.

Head has been one of the pioneers of high quality tennis racquets in the world, and with the Head Titanium TI-S6 Strung, they have continued to outshine their competitors.

We knew that this racquet would be phenomenal to play with and we weren’t disappointed in the slightest. It does have a slightly longer handle, with a big sweet spot, great maneuverability, and a light frame, offering the complete package to the player.

Once we got the hang of the racquet we noticed that it greatly enhanced our backhand technique. The best part about the racquet is that will last you a lifetime, as it has exceptional durability.

The Head Titanium TI-S6 Strung is the ultimate tennis racquet for players, with its advanced titanium design, which gives it greater control and more power than other racquets.

It allows the player to hit extremely powerful shots from all over the courts, thanks to a large sweet spot, but ease with which we were able to nail our ground strokes was really pleasing.

The string pattern of the racquet gives you greater control and maneuverability, while hitting heavy top spin shots was extremely easy.

Head Titanium Ti-S6 Playability

We could easily pull off underspin shots and slices as well, while we managed to hit ace after ace with our serves due to the outstanding stability of the racquet. Players that are used to compact strokes, and want more power in their shots, would love using the Head Titanium TI-S6, as it offers more control, comfort, maneuverability and power to the player.

The racquet is lighter than its competitors, but still manages to unleash an extremely powerful shot.

The Head Titanium TI-S6 Strung affords new players with greater power in their swing, without much effort required. The top head of the racquet is strung very tightly, allowing the player to generate extreme power when connecting with the ball.

One thing we loved about the racquet was how comfortable it was to hold, and felt like a part of our natural swing as well. This is great for players who want a smooth, racquet that allows them to pull off all kinds of shots, but also generate power for those outlandish winners as well.

On a personal note we feel that the Head Titanium TI-S6 Strung was a dream racquet to play with, since it not only felt right but also allowed us to pull off some extraordinary shots. A lot of racquets that offer the characteristics provided by the TI-S6 Strung tend to be heavy, or have a smaller sweet spot, but there was no such issue with this racquet.

We weren’t tired out from swinging the racquet, and were able to play some of the best tennis possible with this one.