K-Swiss Hypercourt Express Tennis Shoe Review

k swiss hypercourt express

K-Swiss Hypercourt Express Review

KSwiss may not be a major name in the tennis shoes market but they deserve to be.

Their last offering, the Ultra Express, were easily equal to the best tennis shoes available from other companies.

KSwiss has been in the tennis shoes market for more than 60 years now, but they only became widely known in the 1990s.

Their share of the market has been slowly increasing since then, and if they keep releasing shoes like the Ultra Express they will go far.

Now let’s look at the KSwiss Hypercourt Express and take them to court to see if these match their predecessor in quality.

The first thing we noticed was how immediately comfortable the shoes were on our feet. Generally shoes require a break-in period before they feel this comfortable.

The shape of the shoe changes subtly with your foot to make it a perfect fit. This wasn’t the case with the KSwiss Hypercourt Express at all, owing to the design of the shoes.

The reason these shoes are comfortable is because they are a wide fit, and they have a lot of cushioning. There is no break-in required because the cushioning does its job from the first minute you put these shoes on.

They fit on your feet snugly, and you feel comfortable taking quick steps in them.

We played for hours while wearing these shoes, and none of us had a problem with sweaty feet. This is due to the excellent mesh on the upper part of the shoe, which properly lets air come in and go out of the shoes.

So you will not be missing any shots or tripping because your feet feel drenched in sweat.

Some of the people who tested the shoes along with us did report slight sliding in the shoes. People with wider feet shouldn’t have the sliding issue at all, and people with narrow feet can remedy the issue with an extra pair of socks.

K-Swiss Hypercourt Express Tennis Shoe Match Play

Another thing that impressed us was the grip. You are severely limited by your shoes when it comes to grip. If the shoes do not have a good enough grip, you will not be able to move fast without risking falling down. If the grip is too strong you will not be able to switch positions as fast as you’d like.

The KSwiss Hypercourt Express struck a perfect balance in grip – we never felt like we would fall over if we took a risky move, while at the same time we didn’t get stuck during a needed slide either.

Overall, this seems to be another slam dunk from KSwiss. The only issue we had was a very minor one – the sliding- and even that was an issue only for some people.

If you have very narrow feet you may have the same issue, but as long as you have normal or wide feet you have nothing to worry about at all. KSwiss will go far if they keep making shoes like the Ultra Express and Hypercourt Express.

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