MAJOR MYTH: Light is ALWAYS Right…

what tennis racket should you use?

The MAJOR MYTH: Light is ALWAYS Right…

But is that really true?

The racquet industry has been pushing lighter racquet for years. Today the average racquet is 2 to 3 ounces lighter than it was 20 years ago.

For what benefit to the player though?

Unfortunately, the lighter the racquet is, the more shock from the ball’s impact at the contact point will end up reaching your arm.

The strength that it takes to swing a heavier racquet will rarely cause an injury, and the heavier racquet will improve your control as well and expand your shot selection capability because of that control.

what tennis racket should you use?

what tennis racket should you use?

People often think that they are hitting the ball harder with the lighter racquet, however…

They may feel that false impression but lots of research has shown that the greater shock misleads them and it provides them with the sensation that the ball is moving faster.

In reality, what is happening is that the heavier racquets will actually produce a stronger more effective shot with greater ease and less potential risk to the shoulder and elbow areas.

Based on data from thousands of pieces of feedback and interviews from world-class professionals, juniors, tournament and club players it is clear that to get better power, playability and results a player should err on the side of the heavier racquet.

Looking to add a bit of weight to your racquet can be accomplished with lead tape in specific areas, or just simply looking for a new racquet off the shelf that offers more of a weighted approach.

We’ll be covering more about the benefits of your racquet selection inside of the member’s area this coming week.


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