Top Reasons Why You Should Be Hitting The Body Serve In Tennis

body serve in tennis

Guys, this is a tip right out of the pro tour playbook, in fact Scott Doerner my good buddy and world-ranked tennis pro loves to bring this up. He has told me about numerous times and one time in particular when he was playing John Isner during the NCAA tournament that the body serve was integral to…

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5 Ways To Attack With Your Volleys In Tennis

The NET…. Are you afraid of it? Most players at the recreational level whether it be club players, tournament players, or USTA league players avoid the net like the plague. Usually the only time they go to the net is when they have to chase down a drop shot and then they run back to the…

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Mental Performance Zone Tennis Training

If you have been watching pro tennis or playing for long enough you have seen a wide variety of players that can get the best out of their game with very different on court attitudes.

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