Head Titanium Ti-S6 Tennis Racquet Review

Head Titanium Ti-S6 Tennis Racquet

Head Titanium Ti-S6 Tennis Racquet Review The is regarded by many to be the best tennis racquet in the world, and according to sales it actually one of the top selling racquets of all time. The TI-S6 is hailed by old and new players alike, ever since it was launched by Head NV in 1996, and…

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Head Graphene Touch Speed Pro Tennis Racquet Review

Head Graphene Touch Speed Pro Tennis Racquet

We review a lot of racquets, and if there’s one thing we have learned, it’s that there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ racquet. Different racquets suit different types of players and what may be the perfect racquet for you may be the wrong racquet for someone else. The extreme series by Head, for…

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The TRUTH: Does One Tennis Grip Size Fit All?

eastern grip tennis

One size fits all. To be clear from the start, NO… One off the shelf grip size will not work for everyone. Well, it may ‘work’, but it certainly won’t work as well as it could be working for you. Each player has an individual grip alignment that is not found on standard racquets off…

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