Develop A Down The Line Backhand Weapon

One of the most effective and damaging shots you can develop is the down the line backhand. This is a game changer, it puts your opponent immediately on the defensive when hit well and often results in a point won. There are several aspects to hitting this shot well, including the timing and the execution…

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3 Ways To Plan Your Tennis Warm-Up Like A Pro

Warming up is so crucial for a tennis player in terms of performance. The dynamic movements required are intense and knowing how to complete a proper tennis warm-up like a pro is very important for success.

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Jedi Mind Tricks For Tie-Breakers In Tennis

how to win a tie-break in your tennis match

Tie-breakers in tennis are one of the critical tests that  you must pass in a tight match. When you are evenly matched with an opponent this is the make or break moment during a set. The better you are at handling tie-breakers in tennis the better your results will be and the more you will look…

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