{Video} 5 Simple Steps To The Slice Backhand

Slice Backhand Simple Steps

The Slice Backhand Weight Distribution Your first step is very important part of the overall success of your slice backhand shot. You need to be able to establish a strong weight distribution in coordination with your first step towards your set-up location for the shot. Good body rotation is key as well as the footwork…

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Stan Wawrinka Slow Motion Training

Stan Wawrinka Slow Motion Training Footage From Indian Wells This is a great look at one of the best one handed backhands in the game today. It’s easy to get carried away looking at the strokes of such amazing players only. Try to also look at the footwork patterns and the core body movements that…

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Develop A Down The Line Backhand Weapon

One of the most effective and damaging shots you can develop is the down the line backhand. This is a game changer, it puts your opponent immediately on the defensive when hit well and often results in a point won. There are several aspects to hitting this shot well, including the timing and the execution…

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