Four Seasons Costa Rica Tennis Resort Review

When people think of Costa Rica the first thing that comes to mind is rolling beaches, isolated lagoons, and tropical rainforests – one might not immediately think of tennis, but at the Four Seasons Resort the sport is taken almost as seriously as their commitment to excellent service and luxury accommodation. The resort is located…

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The 5 Ways To Hit Winning Drop Volleys

how to hit drop volleys

Using drop volleys to finish points is a great tool that you should be using consistently in your matches and here’s why… Too often we set up the point perfectly, get a short ball and then attack the net, only to push our volley deep and straight back to our opponent. But why? Because ,…

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South Seas Island Resort Travel Review

Situated on the beautiful Captiva and Sanibel islands off the coast of Florida, South Seas Island Resort has routinely stood above other recreation destinations because of its extreme dedication to quality service and luxury. Their fully-equipped accommodations include a huge variety of choices, ranging in styles from those wanting a nice relaxing view of the…

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