South Seas Island Resort Travel Review

South Seas Island Resort

Situated on the beautiful Captiva and Sanibel islands off the coast of Florida, South Seas Island Resort has routinely stood above other recreation destinations because of its extreme dedication to quality service and luxury. Their fully-equipped accommodations include a huge variety of choices, ranging in styles from those wanting a nice relaxing view of the…

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The Four Seasons Resort In Nevis

Four Seasons Nevis

The Four Seasons Resort in Nevis Hands down, one of the premier tennis facilities in the Caribbean, as well as one of the most enchanting resorts in the world. When you are able to combine a winning tennis facility with the type of tranquil beauty found in the warm waters of the Caribbean you are…

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{Video} 5 Simple Steps To The Slice Backhand

Slice Backhand Simple Steps

The Slice Backhand Weight Distribution Your first step is very important part of the overall success of your slice backhand shot. You need to be able to establish a strong weight distribution in coordination with your first step towards your set-up location for the shot. Good body rotation is key as well as the footwork…

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