3 Ways To Plan Your Tennis Warm-Up Like A Pro


Warming up is so crucial for a tennis player in terms of performance. The dynamic movements required are intense and knowing how to complete a proper tennis warm-up like a pro is very important for success.

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Jedi Mind Tricks For Tie-Breakers In Tennis

how to win a tie-break in your tennis match

Tie-breakers in tennis are one of the critical tests that  you must pass in a tight match. When you are evenly matched with an opponent this is the make or break moment during a set. The better you are at handling tie-breakers in tennis the better your results will be and the more you will look…

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Top Reasons Why You Should Be Hitting The Body Serve In Tennis

body serve in tennis

Guys, this is a tip right out of the pro tour playbook, in fact Scott Doerner my good buddy and world-ranked tennis pro loves to bring this up. He has told me about numerous times and one time in particular when he was playing John Isner during the NCAA tournament that the body serve was integral to…

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