PlayActive Sports Tennis Elbow Braces

PlayActive Sports Tennis Elbow Braces

Tennis Elbow Brace w/ Compression Pad by PlayActive Sports Review

Tennis Elbow is an unfortunate reality for many people who plays tennis often. That is why products like the PlayActive Sports Tennis Elbow Braces

are a necessity for serious tennis players.

We wanted to see how much these braces helped on the court, so we picked up a couple of them and started playing.

One thing we would like to clarify is that none of us have tennis elbow – we play a lot of tennis, but we incorporate the use of various braces into our playing, and so far we aren’t facing any tennis elbow related problems.


Ensuring comfort is something that many elbow braces fail at, for one very simple reason: everyone has different sized and shaped elbows. Thus there is no one design that can fit everyone comfortable.

These Tennis Elbow Braces by PlayActive Sports very cleverly avoid this problem by giving the users a lot of choice.

The pack contains two braces and two straps and both the straps are of different sizes. One is good for people who need small to medium sized braces, while the other strap is for people who need a medium to large sized brace. Both braces are adjustable for further fine tuning too.

We were impressed by this solution because it meant that all of our reviewers were able to find a comfortable fit with these braces, which is a rarity when it comes to elbow braces. We don’t think any customer will have a problem finding a good fit here.

The fact that you can move the compression pad to make sure it hits the exact spot you’re hurting only makes these more comfortable to use.


The comfortable fit ensured that the braces did not result in any limitation in movement. We wanted to really test these braces out so we played with more intensity than we normally would in a practice session.

That is where you find out how good a brace is; when you play aggressively, you swing your arms and move them with greater force, which puts more stress on them, and could shake the brace loose.

We are happy to report that even after playing aggressively we did not face any unexpected pain in the elbow. Yeah, we did feel a bit sore (which is to be expected when you do any athletic thing for a long time) but the elbow specific pain you get with tennis just wasn’t there.

The Verdict

We only tested the Tennis Elbow Braces by PlayActive Sports for a few hours and in these hours the braces held up very well. We couldn’t notice any wear or tear, aside from light stretching on the straps which is to be expected.

Overall these are a good product we wouldn’t have a problem recommending them to anyone.

The two braces and two straps in the box ensure that everyone will be able to find a comfortable way to use these.