Racket Review: Wilson 95S/100S

Wilson 6.1 95 Spin Tennis Racket

One of the best rackets out there for the all court player that has fully developed strokes. The Wilson ProStaff 95S has a 16×15 string pattern, which is going to give you the spin you’ve been looking for.

The Wilson ProStaff 95S produces spin easily and also gives you the control of a more traditional racket like its predecessors. This helps you feel more secure with swinging out on the ball, knowing that you can count on the ball to react to your swing path with more precision.
The sweet spot feels pretty big for a 95 sq inch racket so you find yourself getting a positive feedback from the racket on most shots even when they’re not hit perfectly in the center.
The frame is pretty flexible and gives you the confidence to hit for power, spin, angles, and depth very easily. It’s really a confidence boosting experience once you get the feel for the racket during a few hitting sessions.
The 95S really gets you pumped when you start serving and on your volleys. Most spin rackets give up some feel and control to allow you to generate extra spin, but the 95 S operates really nicely and produces ample pop on your serve and on your volleys. The 100LS version is lighter and longer that the 95S and provides even more power with free swings
Wilson 6.1 95 Spin Tennis Racket

Wilson 6.1 95 Spin Tennis Racket

It’s really a great fit for players that like to hit a variety of shots, but a few possible issues can arise if you find yourself in positions where you are struggling and you can’t seem to get your body weight behind the shot and rely only on your swinging arm.

“The power might not be there because of the lowish 11.5 oz weight of the racquet, but it’s nothing a little lead tape couldn’t fix if it does bother you and you’re looking for more swing weight from the 95s.”
Overall, a pretty stellar package from Wilson that gives you touch, feel, power, and big spin capabilities each time you step on the court. It’s classic pro staff quality with an added twist that makes it even better!

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