The SKLZ PowerBase Tennis Trainer Review

sklz powerbase tennis trainer

SKLZ PowerBase Tennis Trainer
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The SKLZ PowerBase Tennis Trainer is an excellent solo trainer and is recommended for beginners, while it can also be used by experts as well.

The best thing about the PowerBase, is that it is great for improving your ground strokes, and you can easily train at your home.

There is no need to go to the tennis court, since it is portable, and the trainer allows you to practice and perfect your ground stokes.

You also don’t need a hitting partner, since it comes with a 15 feet kinetic cord, which extends up to 30 feet, and has dual swivel connectors that stop the cord from getting tangled. SKLZ PowerBase is the perfect tennis trainer for beginners, as it helps build stamina, hand and eye-coordination, and reflexes.

Get impressive hitting ability

SKLZ PowerBase has been designed to help train beginners that are struggling with their tennis game. This trainer helps a beginner tennis player perfect their stance when striking the ball, and allows them to develop great judgment when approaching and striking the ball.

It is also the perfect trainer for practicing different strokes, such as the forehand or backhand, while you can practice serves, volleys, slices, and top spins easily.

One of the best features of the SKLZ PowerBase tennis trainer is that you don’t need to worry about getting another partner. You can carry it with you anywhere and set it up on soil, on rough surfaces, or on a pavement and start practicing.

If you want to practice on wet surfaces or on grass, you should know that the surface will reduce ball bounce, and will therefore not be as effective. The attached cord is very durable, and doesn’t show any signs of wear and tear after extensive use for months.

Things to consider with SKLZ PowerBase

One of the main problems that a lot of players had with the SKLZ PowerBase is that they have no one to monitor their stance and striking, which means they can easily slip into bad habits.

The attached ball with the equipment is not the strongest, and if you’re exerting power in your strokes, it may lead to the ball breaking in half. You can replace the ball with another spare one that comes with it, or you can even customize the equipment with a ball of your choice.

The SKLZ PowerBase is not ideal for players that want to correct their hitting form, because when you strike the ball, the momentum is lost when the ball is coming back, and therefore tends to drop quickly, which will cause the player to hit too high or too low.

This will have the opposite effect and will in fact cause your hitting form to deteriorate. Beginners should practice keeping a good stance and develop a fluid hitting form, before they go onto using the PowerBase tennis trainer.