The NEW Wilson Steam 99S creates massive spin!

steam99S_2013_800Wilson really created a gem with the new Steam 99S and reviews from all over the internet  have included superlatives such as "phenomenal," "wicked spin" and "a man made spin machine." The extremely open string pattern Spin Effect which is a 16x15  pattern will benefit you by helping you to create spin like you never have before. On topspin groundstrokes the ball leaves the stringbed at a slightly higher trajectory than normal, but it dives down at the court with tons of action and backs your opponent off the baseline. We also found the racquet to perform well in other aspects. Power was there when needed, and there was more control than we expected. The crazy spin and easy pace means going from all out defense to full on offense is often just one swing away with the Steam 99S. This is a great raquet overall, but beware on the volleys and overheads the open string pattern contributes to some degree of control loss, and you can find yourself frustrated if you are not extremely precise with your technique. However, overall we highly recommend giving this racquet a spin, pun intended! We especially recommend it for you baseline players looking for an alternative to Babolot racquets that can deliver the spin and pace necessary for Nadal like groundstrokes!