The TRUTH: Does One Tennis Grip Size Fit All?

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One size fits all.

To be clear from the start, NO…

One off the shelf grip size will not work for everyone.

Well, it may ‘work’, but it certainly won’t work as well as it could be working for you.

Each player has an individual grip alignment that is not found on standard racquets off the shelf.

Racquet manufacturers make their racquet models in only 4 or 5 grip sizes and usually only one standard shape.

If your optimal grip shape or size isn’t included within that particular frame style, then you’re out of luck, but you probably don’t even know it.

To put it simply, you are playing with a racquet that isn’t ideal for you and this can cause problems over time.

Grip shape, although not often talked about, still remains one of the most critical parts of developing a racquet profile that is perfect for the player.

It is also one of the most overlooked and toughest area to address.

In general, a player will hold the racquet slightly different depending upon the standard shape of the handle grip, and most players even if it isn’t comfortable learn to just make the grip work.

However, the alignment of your shoulder, arm and wrist will ultimately depend upon how you are holding the handle, AND this alignment will establish where the shock from EVERY single stroke you ever take is absorbed.

Over time this alignment if it is not ideal can create injuries and pain from repeated trauma in the wrong areas of the arm that are not equipped to deal with such reverberations on a continuous basis.

If you are playing with the wrong shape handle, you will be placing one or more of your joints in a weakened position and asking it to compensate for the each shot.

The correct handle shape for you depends upon your swing style, playing style, and the height and arm length.


It takes more pressure to hold a smaller handle stable throughout the shot process, than it does to hold a bigger handle stable.

Of course your hand will decide how big or how small of a handle size you can grip.

But, a handle that is too small will also cause you to squeeze too tight, and this will set you up for greater shock from each shot that will directly affect your wrist and elbow.

If you suffer from arm problems, play with the largest handle that you can comfortably hold.

Learn more about getting custom grips and which size of grips you should be playing with to avoid creating potential injuries as well as increasing your “feel” with the racquet inside the member’s area this week.


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