The TopspinPro Revolutionary Training Aid Review

The TopspinPro Revolutionary Training Aid Review

TopspinPro Revolutionary Training Aid Review

Have you always wanted to hit topspin like Roger Federer or Rafa Nadal?

Now is your chance, because the TopspinPro is a revolutionary training aid that allows you to hone your topspin striking skills. It is remarkably effective, and regular use is guaranteed to yield amazing results.

You will be able to dominate rallies and use your new topspin strokes to beat your opponents with groundstrokes that will have them scrambling along the lines.

This training aid is definitely needed, if you’re really serious about your tennis and want to take that next step to play more like a professional or advanced player.

Topspin is the key to added consistency, better accuracy, and deadly depth on your rally balls from the baseline.

The TopspinPro revolutionary training aid is helping coaches, parents, and players gain a competitive edge on the tennis court.

Tennis has changed dramatically over the years, and modern-day tennis is now more focused on shot-making and consistency with topspin strokes.

Topspin has changed the game

Yes, over 90% of tennis shots are now played with topspin, which is all down to the fact that you can control the ball with pace, and gain an advantage over your opponent.

Mastering the topspin is therefore at the forefront of learning “advanced” tennis technique, since it will help you unlock a level of tennis that will leave your current level of competition far behind.

If you really want to send a signal to your pals about your tennis playing abilities being worthy of envy or if you want to play tennis like the pros you need to master topspin stroke play.

This is where this training aid is so helpful, because TopspinPro mixes both visual and kinesthetic elements, which aid accelerated learning. It offers you the following:

  • The ability to not forcefully hit the ball, but brush it slightly, and elegantly.
  • The screen makes you keep the racket facing at an angle when playing the shot.

The main objective of this training aid emulating a topspin shot is ensuring that the ball spins without it touching the screen. The screen angle will show you the racket angle the professionals use when they are executing a topspin shot. Therefore by swinging the racket parallel and along the screen, you will be able to execute the perfect topspin stroke.

All you need is a couple of days practice, and you will be able to learn the basics. After that your muscle memory will kick in when you’re playing tennis, and you’ll be able to dominate your opponents with topspin winners on the court.

Mesh Screen Guide

The mesh screen guide will help players keep their rackets at a constant angle, so that the ball strikes the racket at an angle necessary to provide the right racket swing path that will generate topspin.

This allows the player to execute a topspin shot with the same trajectory on every stroke, similar to how professionals would strike the ball, which breeds consistency and with practice you will begin to overwhelm your opponents.

Following the proper swing path is essential to developing the feel and the “racquet head speed” that is critical in the development of reliable topspin on all of your shots.

Ball on Spring-loaded Spindle

The ball will be loaded on a thin wire spindle, which allows players to feel the ball brush against the racket, rather than smashing the ball with power. This is the main difference between flat shots and topspin shots.

The spindle will be spring-loaded, which allows the correct amount of resistance needed for striking the ball and stopping the unit.

This is a crucial feature of the TopspinPro training aid, as it allows you to start to understand and “feel” the difference between hitting for power and hitting for “spin”, the swing paths are drastically different and a player must be able to understand the different mechanics between these two types of shots.

Adjustable Height

TopspinPro has adjustable height, which basically works well for players, since it can be adjusted to the height of a 5 year old, up towards someone that is nearly 7 feet tall.

It is a solid product to help teach the fundamentals of topspin shots for beginners and intermediates alike, not to mention that you can get a good deal of practice on your swing path without needing a practice partner out on the court with you.

For that matter you don’t even need to go to the courts to get some high intensity practice sessions in on your topspin strokes when you have the TopspinPro at home.