The Wilson Ultra 100 Tennis Racquet Review

The Wilson Ultra 100 Tennis Racquet Review shows you the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to the Wilson Ultra 100 Tennis Racquet.

Is there’s any brand more quintessentially tennis than Wilson?

To many people in the world, the Wilson logo might as well as be the logo of tennis.

Companies like Nike and Adidas have made inroads into tennis, but Wilson has always been there and has always been respected for it.

They aren’t going anywhere either, judging by their latest products. We have been seeing some of the best racquets in the market being made by Wilson.

Let’s see if the The Wilson Ultra 100 stays true to that image or if it is a rare miss by the company. 

With almost every racquet there is a learning period during which you have to figure out how to best use the racquet.

Heading into the court we expected the same from the Wilson Ultra 100, and were prepared to give at least half an hour worth of time before we really judged its performance.

However, it turned out, that no such time was needed. The Wilson Ultra 100 felt completely natural from the first shot and it only got better. We were surprised at how easy this racquet was to control, and how we were able to understand it almost instantly.

This is no accident – a lot of work has gone into the Wilson Ultra 100 to make it feel as perfect as it does. One thing which is remarkable is that the racquet feels soft, yet at the same time is able to play explosive shots. How are these two contradictory things happening at the same time?

That’s Wilson engineering for you. Extra stiff carbon fiber was used to make the strings of the racquet, which allows you to hit shots that go blazing fast.

At the same time, the grip is made of special cushion foam which allows it to absorb impacts. So at the same time you get a muted feel, but your shot power is higher than what it was before.

The Wilson Ultra 100: A Great Combo

There are two more things which we have to mention – the control we had over the racquet, as well as how easy it was to play a good shot with this racquet.

The Wilson Ultra 100 glides beautifully in your hand, and allows you to rapidly control it as needed. This allowed us to play creative shots without worrying too much about the racquet being where we expected it to be.

Another advantage is that the sweet spot of the racquet (the part of the strings which gives you the most shot power) is ridiculously huge, which allows you to play without any hesitation.

We couldn’t find anything wrong with the Wilson Ultra 100 to be honest. Are there better racquets out there?

Sure, there are better racquets for spin, there are other better racquets for powerful shots, and there are other better racquets when it comes to control.

However, in our opinion, the Wilson Ultra 100 combines all of these in a way better than what we have seen anywhere else. Wilson’s dominance over tennis is here to stay.

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